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Open letter from the Green Party in support of public sector workers

Green Party supports the strike GP banner at strike march Rally in Barkers Pool 10th July 2014 Councillors Webster and Creasy on the march. 10th July 2014 Barkers Pool Rally 10th July 2014 Barkers Pool Rally 10th July 2014Sheffield Greens were out in force today to support the march and rally of striking public sector workers. Leading members of the national party wrote this letter in support of the strike.

To the workers and members of trade unions striking on July 10th 2014, 

On behalf of the Green Party of England and Wales, we would like to express our solidarity with you in your struggle for decent, secure work and fair pay, pensions and working conditions.  

We believe that public sector workers provide excellent and vital service to our country, and that our public services represent a very significant part of the true wealth of this nation.  

The public sector in the UK has, for decades, been systematically attacked. Workers are bearing the brunt of this, and are being expected to pay the price for an economic crisis not of their making.  

We recognise that going on strike is the option of last resort, and that the decisions to do so have not been taken lightly. We sincerely hope that this co-ordinated action succeeds in defending your jobs, fair pay, pensions and working conditions – all of which are vital if we are to protect the integrity of our public services. 

With very best wishes, 

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

Will Duckworth, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion

Pippa Bartolotti, Leader of the Wales Green Party

Romayne Phoenix, Trade Union Liaison Officer, Green Party of England and Wales

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