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Parliamentary Candidate joins People’s March for the NHS

ritawilcockwithbannerRita Wilcock, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Heeley joined the rally in Weston Park on 25th August to welcome the People’s March for the NHS, which is raising awareness of the threat to the NHS from privatisation.

She said “Equal access to quality health services, at the point of need, is fundamental to a truly just society. Privatisation creams off the services that are potentially more ‘profitable’, making a conveyor belt of common health care procedures and operations. We must stop this happening, and keep our NHS in public hands.”

See video here.

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There are 2 Responses to Parliamentary Candidate joins People’s March for the NHS

18th September 2014

Any information regarding parliamentary elections, local elections for Broomhill/Central/Hillsborough.
Anyone standing for SYPa PC Commissioner
Where to obtain information on pollution in Broomhill
I have tried to contact Councillor Webster on as per election leaflet. He has not replied. Can you explain this, please?

    19th September 2014

    Hi Peter – sorry you haven’t been able to get in touch with me. I’ve sent you an email from my council address ( Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions. Thanks – Brian