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Statement on Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

Jon Ashe, Chair of the local Green Party, said

“Our sympathy goes out to the many victims of sexual abuse in Rotherham. We want those with relevant responsibilities during the period in question to consider their position, and lessons to be learned to prevent similar episodes in future.”SAMSUNG

Caroline Lucas, Green MP at Westminster

Caroline Lucas, Green MP

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said the scandal illustrated the need for statutory Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education.

“As anxious as we are to protect our children and young people from all harm, that’s a huge challenge.

Part of the solution is to give them the best possible opportunity to learn about consent and respect in relationships, and to understand their rights and responsibilities.Lessons which help keep our children safe, healthy and happy shouldn’t be an optional ‘bolt on’ – they are essential, as is provision of proper support for the teachers leading them.”

Ms Lucas has urged Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to introduce PSHE in a Private Members’ Bill, which will receive its second reading on 24 October. The MP has welcomed growing cross party support for the reform.

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There are 2 Responses to Statement on Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

17th September 2014

PSHE: When I was at school the teachers did not say much about Fielding, Boswell, and De Quincey, but teachers could at least talk about these people and their descriptions of child prostitution in bygone London. Sexual exploitation of minors seems to thrive in conditions of gross inequality.

7th October 2014

PSHE education would be great but like “citizenship” and music it will be pushed out by the pressure on teachers time to teach to pass exams and meet government targets. Caroline made a similar comment to the new education secretary on Any Questions recently.