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Clegg’s vision is limited to economic growth at the expense of the rights of British people.

SGP Peter Garbutt and gardening for food 252The Green Party has long been a strong proponent of devolution of powers to the level best placed to exercise them. Peter Garbutt, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Hallam, said;
“We welcome Nick Clegg’s call for more powers to be devolved to Sheffield and other city regions. We would, however, like to see the regions able to decide on a range of issues, not just the economy. And we are very keen for the people living in the regions to have real democratic power to influence those decisions. Given Mr Clegg’s enthusiasm for the TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a trade deal which would give American corporations the right to sue governments for introducing laws – about rights at work, the environment, food standards, the NHS etc – which might impact negatively on the corporations profits, we feel his vision is limited to economic growth at the expense of the rights of British people to take decisions about the things that matter to us.”
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