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Jillian Creasy responds to Autumn Statement

Cllr Jillian Creasy at Sheffield Town HallCllr Jillian Creasy has responded to today’s Autumn Statement. Focusing on the plans announced for the NHS and road projects, Cllr Creasy adds her name to the host of critics of the Chancellor’s latest budgetary announcement.

Jillian, Green Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central, said “Much of the extra £2bn in funding per year for the NHS comes from cuts in other health spending, and now clearly shows the extent of the crisis in the NHS that this Government has caused. But no amount of money reverses the real damage caused by privatisation of health services and constant management changes.

She continued by adding “Further, the government plans to invest £15bn on roads over the next five years is a step in the wrong direction. Instead of investing in a low carbon future, it commits us further to an unhealthy, carbon-intensive transport policy. This massive sum of money would be far better invested instead in improving public transport links and safe cycling spaces.”


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