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A Member’s Perspective

I’ve been active in politics for the past 2-3 years, including being a member of one of the big parties. But I realised some months ago that the Greens are the only genuinely progressive party in England – it’s got great policies on housing, the environment and justice – with a real chance of influencing people, parliament and the media. So I resigned from my old party in December and joined the Greens immediately afterwards.

During the past few weeks, I’ve been playing an active part in Jillian’s campaign. I’ve persuaded quite a few friends and colleagues to join the Greens. I’d never done any door-knocking before. But I shadowed one of our experienced canvassers in January and had a bit of coaching. Now I’m happy to knock on doors and engage with residents. I really enjoy it – it’s great listening to people and hearing about the issues that concern them – and I’m sure it helps in influencing some people to vote Green.

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There is One Response to A Member’s Perspective

9th March 2015

I agree with your comments

I was a member & supporter of the LibDems since 1974 but stopped supporting them last year as I was sick and tired of their move to the Right and simply allowing the Tories to run all over them and facilitate their reactionary policies. Many of us opposed any alliance with the Tories but were ignored – the Tories have been our biggest opponents since time began! However Clegg et el jumped into bed with them.

The LDs changed their view on Nuclear power and on other matters close to my heart and increasingly I felt I had to find another party to support by 2014 I realised that party was Green! On Fracking, nuclear, trident, austerity, climate change & environment to name but a few the Greens are the only party in Britain fully addressing my concerns.

looking fwd. to helping out in Sheffield Central before May (plus going down to Brighton!) and need to contact someone there