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Go Jillian!

It has never been a more positive time for the Green Party in Sheffield. Independent polls show the Green Party as the principal (and principled!) challenger to Labour in Sheffield Central.  Membership of Sheffield Green Party has now passed 1000. Our canvassing teams are reporting great feedback from the doorsteps. Jillian is a great choice as our Candidate for Sheffield Central and she is ready to make the transition from GP to MP.

As a Green Party Councillor in nearby Kirklees, and now the Green Party’s Regional Campaigns Co-ordinator, it is inspiring to be working with Sheffield Greens, on this exciting campaign says Andrew. It is a great opportunity to see how another successful local party, like Sheffield operates. I can provide my perspective and experience to help bring something new into the campaign. Coming from a Council where no Party has an outright majority means we have been fortunate in having the opportunity to directly influence Council policy. This has meant tens of thousands of homes have been insulated and thousands more will have solar panels installed.

Even without the balance of power, in Sheffield, Greens have been a distinctive voice, with many achievements and providing a real challenge on the Council. Our style and approach to campaigns in Kirklees and Sheffield will differ. That gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and share fresh ideas on campaigning. I have a particular role in getting more people from the region to help in Sheffield Central which is going to be needed with all the leaflets and canvassing we have got planned.

The formula for winning elections is an open secret. You need a great message which resonates with lots of people. You need a Candidate that people can believe in and be proud of as their next MP. You need to get that message to as many people as possible and show them that with their support we can win. The Green Party has all those things and more in Sheffield. We can provide people with hope showing there is a real alternative to austerity economics and provide polices for a sustainable environment.

All that was achieved in 2010 in Brighton when Caroline Lucas was elected can be achieved in Sheffield. It is an exciting time and the more we do the better Jillian’s chance of being the ‘Caroline Lucas of the North’.

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