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Peak District under threat from fracking

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There are 4 Responses to Peak District under threat from fracking

19th August 2015

Any news on protests to prevent this? Really concerned and it was mentioned again in the local paper today. Please let us know and I can pass on the word and get down to the companies/sites where they plan as this needs direct action to stop them.

    22nd August 2015

    Frack Free South Yorkshire will welcome the opportunity to talk about: –
    1. the fracking threat to the Sheffield City area (the whole of South Yorkshire will be licensed soon),
    2. the threat to the Peak District,
    3. our plans for raising awareness, educating and gaining support across the region,
    4. how we and the Green Party can work together to achieve this common aim – halting fracking.

      22nd August 2015

      Thanks David- I’m sure we will be in touch with you soon about this. We will certainly be prioritising it as one of our main campaigns.

    22nd August 2015

    Hi Raychelle

    Sheffield Green Party and Frack Free South Yorkshire will be meeting very shortly to discuss the latest developments and our reactions to them. It’d be great if you’d like to come along, too.