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Meet…Gill Black


What statistic or fact would you most like to change? It’s a combination of working towards halting climate change before the world, as we know it, collapses and protecting vulnerable people from the effects of the cuts.

What is your favourite South Yorkshire view or landmark? I love Surprise View, especially when the mist is in the valley. Also, I used to work in Redvers House on Union St and the views from there were amazing – full circle of the City Centre and beyond.

Which South Yorkshire person would you most like to have a drink/cuppa with? My great, great grandad, who was Master Cutler in 1902 and Lord Mayor of Sheffield in 1911. He was also knighted in 1922. He was an inspiration as he was disabled and was one of the prominent Sheffield industrialists. I would love to meet him as we would be so absolutely different politically but it would be interesting to see what he learnt throughout his life!

How does being involved in SRGP benefit you most? It’s an amazing, stimulating and vibrant organisation and I really enjoy working with such a wide range of people of all ages.

How do you relax? Gardening, walking, volunteering at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet (doing the textiles for the museum with a team of Haberdashers) and with the Whirlow Farm horticulture team.

Who would you most like to see speak at a SRGP event? George Monbiot

Gill organises what was the Central Ward, soon to be City and Nether Edge/Sharrow Wards. This involves trying to get the right people in the right place at the right time with the right bits of paper! To get involved email or ring Gill on 07847382595.

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