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Bus cuts will have big impact on people’s lives

Jason Leman

Jason Leman

Dear Editor,

The changes to the proposed bus routes (Telegraph 30 July) will have a big impact on people’s day-to-day lives. In Ecclesall, the changes mean lost services between Millhouses and Ecclesall Road, and between Bents Green and the hospitals / university.  In our response, we have asked the review to keep bus services going across local neighbourhoods, connecting people to businesses, healthcare, and places of study. We also raised concerns that this major consultation has been carried out in just four weeks at a peak holiday time. This will mean some people who rely on these services will be unaware of the proposed changes until it is too late to comment. We are, therefore, asking the Sheffield Bus Partnership (SBP) that once feedback has been considered, they hold a series of discussions on the final proposals. Where there is significant opposition to changes, but the SBP decide services need to be changed, genuine options should be offered that can be discussed by those affected.
Yours faithfully,
Jason Leman
Ecclesall Ward Green Party

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