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Listen to the bus drivers SYPTE!

Steve-BarnardFrom talking to bus drivers, it’s clear that changes to Sheffield bus routes are not just experiencing teething troubles. Drivers often have journey times that are impossible to meet and now find stands in the city centre full up. Many buses then run very late and inspectors tell the drivers to take them out of service in front of frustrated passengers. Spare drivers and spare buses have been massively cut over the years so back up help is barely available.

Of course, the drivers knew this would happen. But the new routes were agreed by SYPTE and the council and the drivers work for First Group and Stagecoach so were not directly consulted. The Sheffield Bus partnership are having urgent meetings but without the workers on the frontline. The drivers have the knowledge and the solutions and need to be listened to. And so do the long suffering passengers. If buses were still run by public bodies rather than private companies we would not find ourselves in this mess. busworkers


Steve Barnard

Nether Edge & Sharrow Green Party

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