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Rob Cole speaks at the Stop the War demo.

colescaledRob Cole spoke for the Green Party at a demonstration opposing the decision to bomb Syria on Saturday. He said
“So here we are again, 12 years after we were taken into an illegal war in Iraq, we’ve started dropping bombs on more innocent people in Syria. To what end? To fight terrorism whilst breeding more hate for the west and for our nation? To Keep us safe? By making us more of a target.
Public opinion is firmly against these increased air strikes, but our Government ignore us again. But at least we can be proud that we have stood up and said “Not in Our Name!”
It is disgusting that we can find money for bombs, that Cameron can find money for war, hate and destruction, yet not for our schools and hospitals, not for our poor and homeless.
We need to seek a diplomatic solution to the differences in the world and stop the cycle of hate.
It’s also important to remember who gains from this bombing; It is only the rich and the powerful, the arms dealers and arms manufacturers and their shareholders. We must send them a strong message – they can’t keep fighting immoral wars and get away with it, we will not stand for it. We must tell them loud and clear “Not in Our Name!”
It’s great to see so many people here today, but we need to get more of us out on the streets, both here and in London Next weekend. Please tell your friends, lets try and get millions of us out on the streets so that they can no longer ignore us.”

There is a national demonstration in London next Saturday. details here.


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