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Anger as Amey post 14 day notices on trees over festive season.

A classic tactic for unpopular actions or consultations is to do it during holidays when many people are away and campaigns struggle to find people to mobilise. SSUE-Mortono there is understandable cynicism and anger directed at Amey for posting 14 day notices to fell trees on Rivelin Valley Road with felling due from 28 December.

Save Rivelin Valley Trees seeks to protect the second longest avenue of lime trees in the country on a significant gateway into the city. Those involved realise some trees may be diseased or dying and need replacement. They seek meaningful dialogue with Amey that looks at this historic 3 1/2 mile avenue as a whole and not just a file of individual tree assessments. I know there are people within the group with varied expert knowledge that can help shape the future of this avenue. We ask the council and Amey to put felling on hold and arrange to meet the campaign group to gain local knowledge and let them outline their vision.

In the next week Save Rivelin Valley Trees and citywide campaigners under the Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) umbrella will be interrupting the festivities with various actions to protect these trees from felling. Check their Facebook pages now to see how you can help.

Yours faithfully

Sue Morton
Walkley Green Party


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