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Greens attempt to amend licensing policy

rob murphy (550x601)Sheffield’s Green Councillors were thwarted in their attempt to change the Council’s Statement on Licensing Policy to include potential actions to deal with Street drinking and associated anti-social behaviour.

The Green Amendment to a meeting of the Full Council on Wednesday was voted down by the ruling Administration.

Green Central Ward Councillor Rob Murphy commented ‘We are happy that the new Policy includes some of our ideas regarding Winding Down time and the acceptance of problems with street drinking in the City Centre around Devonshire Green.’

‘Our amendment called for some restrictions to Off-Licenses that have been shown to reduce anti-social behavior in other towns and cities. This is not about citywide restrictions, we think the Council should publicly state potential actions in the specific areas where there is a problem. ‘

Amendment below, please contact Rob Murphy  for further details



Amendment to be moved by Councillor Robert Murphy, seconded by Councillor Brian Webster

That the Statement of Licensing Policy under the Licensing Act 2003, as set out in the report of the Executive Director, Place now submitted, be approved with the addition, after the section within the Crime and Disorder Policy on “Use of Glassware” on page 15, of the following wording relating to “Retailing for Off-Sales”:-

“Retailing for Off-Sales

The Licensing Authority is concerned about the negative impact on the licensing objectives created by irresponsible consumption of alcohol from retail alcohol sales.

The Licensing Authority may not approve applications for off sales in the following locations:

·  Near to alcohol addiction recovery activities or buildings

·  In areas where street drinking affects any of the licensing objectives

Where applications are granted the Licensing Authority will have due regard to imposing relevant conditions where appropriate.

These may include:

·  Ban on the sale of high strength beers or ciders

·  Minimum of two staff to be on duty at times the premises remain open for sale

·  No single cans or bottles of beer or cider will be sold

·  Staff must obtain nationally recognised training on responsible alcohol retailing within 2 months of employment

·  High strength beers or ciders will be for sale behind a counter accessed only by staff

·  All alcoholic drinks will be clearly labelled or marked with the name of the premises”

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