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Council “confrontational approach to felling trees”

stewart kempcroppedscaledIt would be nice to see a little Seasonal goodwill from the City Council towards its residents campaigning to protect healthy roadside trees.  You would think we could all be on the same side when it comes to protecting healthy trees that benefit our environment, but it appears not.

 Far from slowing roadside tree felling across the city, to take time to understand local resident concerns and find joint solutions, the City Council is quickening the pace.

 At short notice, felling in Nether Edge and Sharrow originally scheduled for 2017 now appears to be starting early in 2016.  ‘Consultation’ letters with short deadlines have been circulated on affected streets giving little opportunity to respond and taking no account of the Christmas and New Year period when we all wish to take time out with our families and friends.

In the Nether Edge and Carterknowle area 86 trees have been condemned, but only 14 are identified as diseased.  Four roads: Ladysmith Avenue, Hunter House Road, Edgedale Road and Swaledale Road have long felling lists. Many other neighbouring streets are also affected.  All trees are scheduled for felling before the end of March 2016.

 This confrontational approach from the Council is provoking a fierce backlash from local residents who want to protect the leafy character of their area.  Another battle of wills between residents and the City Council looks set to play itself out in 2016.

The Green Party will continue to support the residents, as it has from the outset, to save roadside trees in Sheffield.  But we sincerely hope the City Council might stop and reflect on its approach, and in 2016 start working with the grain rather than against it (pun intended)!

 Stewart Kemp

Ecclesall ward Green Party

 A Mrs Mason replied to this letter here. The comments below it are worth a read!

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