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Greens support the Junior Doctors in Sheffield and around the country

Sheffield Greens supported Junior Doctor picket lines outside hospitals today.


Declan Walsh supports the Junior Doctors

Declan Walsh, Green council candidate for City ward:


Peter Garbutt and Douglas Johnson support the Junior Doctors

“Sheffield Green Party stands firmly behind the Junior Doctors as they join student nurses in being forced onto the streets to stand up for our National Health Service. This government has declared war on our health service and we make no apologies for defending it and those that work for it.”

Peter Garbutt, Green council candidate for Crookes & Crosspool ward:

“This strike is happening because the Government is failing to address very serious concerns around safe working conditions, while failing to offer proper recognition for working unsocial hours. Student nurses have had their grants snatched away – and costly NHS marketisation is continuing. Ministers have treated Junior Doctors with contempt via a campaign of misinformation. Now healthcare professionals are standing up to the Cabinet bully boys.”

National Green Party figures were at St Thomas’s hospital in London.stthomas
Caroline Lucas writes in the Huffingdon Post

Greens join Junior Doctors on the Picket Line

Open letter-Greens support doctor’s strike

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