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Ecclesall Rd is a permanent traffic jam with dangerous air quality

Magid MahI sympathise with Louise Wilcockson’s difficulties trying to park close to Hunters Bar (Letters 25 May). Ecclesall Rd is changing. A rapid conversion of shops to cafes, restaurants and bars brings people to the area in the evening rather than during the day. It’s now a permanent traffic jam with dangerous air quality and lacking safe travel alternatives to car use.

It needs to be noted that meter parking is linked to the timing of residents parking schemes. Dover Rd, mentioned by Louise, is in an 8.30pm zone recognising close proximity to many licensed premises like Nonna’s that draw people to the area in the early evening. The recent addition of the 800 capacity Pointing Dog at the bottom of Dover Rd has added significantly to parking issues in that area. Residents often struggle to find a space within 400 yards of their house when returning home after 8.30pm.

Excessive parking charges and over zealous traffic wardens will drive customers away – as Louise points out. But residents parking schemes, with small variations for each scheme suitable to each location, work well in offering required protection to the many residents who live in side roads off Ecclesall Rd.

Cllr Magid Magid
Broomhill & Sharrow Vale Green Party

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There is One Response to Ecclesall Rd is a permanent traffic jam with dangerous air quality

10th June 2016

A very good point well made. Sheffield council needs to end its pro-choice policy on public transport. It also needs to end its half hearted ad campaigns that put the emphasis on private individuals making the choice to travel by car. Instead the council need to take some responsibility sort out the appalling bus services in some areas provide some proper cycling routes and introduce measures such as congestion charging and in the long term extend the Supertram are railways up to places like Stocksbridge and Ecclesall Road. Rail platforms could easily be built at Abbeydale Tesco, Wadsley Bridge, Stocksbridge next to park and ride sites. This and expanding capacity on rail / tram / bus networks need to be priorities. Simply put, at least 50%+ of private car journeys would cease if Sheffield had proper cycling routes, a suburban rail network and a decent bus service.