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Green Party leader to talk to students at Sheffield College about “Greener In”

natalieGreen Party leader Natalie Bennett will on Monday June 13 be bringing the “Greener In” message to the students of Sheffield College.

Bennett said: “The late rush to register before the deadline for voting in the referendum, primarily by young people, was a sign of increasing awareness and interest in this vital decision about young
people’s future.

“The first purpose of my visit is to encourage students to engage in the referendum debate. The result of the referendum will be vital to all of their futures and it is important everything possible is done to provide them with information and resources to cast their vote.”

“But I’ll also be stressing that the mainstream media debate has failed to address many critical issues, and presenting the positive Green case for remaining in Europe.”

“We flourish when we work together jointly to tackle the problems that we face. Whether it’s protecting and enhancing workers’ rights, dealing with air and water pollution or climate change, or promoting peace and democracy, the issues don’t stop at national borders.”

“And we celebrate the free movement of people in the EU, which enriches all of our lives, through the chance to study or work abroad, and to benefit from the experiences and skills of people from other parts of Europe contributing to Britiain.”

What: EU talk at Sheffield College
When: 1-2.15pm
Where: The Atrium at the City Campus

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