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Tram consultation response

trambridge (2)Good public transport is vital to Sheffield Green Party. We submitted  our response to the recent consultation on the
future of Supertram as follows.

Section 1: The Future of Supertram

Do you think the tram is an important mode of transport for the region in the future?


Please tell us why you think this
The trams provide a fast and comfortable means to travel across the city. The benefit of no emissions within the city is vital for improving our air quality, both directly, and indirectly through reduced car use. The vehicles provide greater access than buses to the city for wheelchair users through multiple wheelchair spaces. Precise platforms and Audible Passenger Information Systems make for a more navigable and reliable mode of transport for blind and partially sighted people. On board staff are also able to offer assistance to passengers with additional needs. This includes ensuring that visually impaired passengers when not entitled to concessionary travel can still have equal access to the system (unlike Nottingham) where people are excluded by ticket machines that are not accessible.

Do you think the tram will bring future benefits to the region? Yes


Please tell us why you think this
The current network already makes public transport more attractive for commuting and accessing the wider city amenities. Further enhancements to the network will improve access to varied employment through smoother journeys to new destinations improving the region’s economy. Consideration to increasing the number of trams in the fleet, (especially to replace the damaged 118) is also vital to maintain capacity for future growth in peak demand.. This might allow for a Green route tram service subject to demand for work and leisure purposes avoiding the need for making a connection in the centre.

What would you like the future for the existing tram system to look like, thinking ahead to the next 30 years?
Enable bicycles to be carried on off-peak services in common with London underground and Edinburgh trams. This should be implemented with appropriate consideration to prioritising current users, especially wheelchair users in the safe zone. Implement a process for requesting improvements to tram stop cycle storage facilities where demand and space exists.
Maintaining current benefits already listed and also:
• Ensure all vehicles have regenerative braking to provide energy efficiency.
• Retain current frequencies on timetables.
• Ensure new terminuses provide cycle stands/storage.
Evaluation of Network improvements with a priority given to the best reductions in air pollution and enhanced use of existing rail/off-road infrastructure:
• Consider linking the Stocksbridge Freight branch on to the SuperTram network (or rail network). Another option for trialling tram train on a more lightly used route with fewer delays?
• Successfully connect the tram network to Rotherham.
• Consider extensions to un-served quadrants of the city such as Northern General Hospital.
• Consider extension beyond Malin Bridge to Stannington.
• Consider connecting the Moor to the tram network? (Potential terminus point for Rotherham services?)
Note: When building new routes or carrying out engineering works businesses must be fully compensated if they lose all their business during the works as this forced closure of many small business on City road during construction.
Section 2: Your Experience of Supertram.

How would you rate the tram overall?

Very Good

Please tell us why you think this (max 250 words)
The following benefits:
• Good service frequency.
• Generally reliable journey times through good use of off-road sections.
• High quality accessibility that is far superior to the bus experience. This is due to the high availability of space for wheelchair and scooter users and predictable journeys for blind and partially sighted travellers.
• Provides a great core network from which to attach link buses.

Section 3: About Your Organisation

Which of the following best describes your organisation?
Political Party


Does your organisation have a particular geographic interest?



Number of employees/members in your organisation

Over 200

This consultation is now closed but you could still share your views by writing to
Tram Consultation – Group, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield S1 2BQ

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