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Sheffield Greens launch “Let Sheffield Breathe” campaign for urgent air pollution action

Sheffield Green Party are launching a campaign for urgent action on air pollution after the failure of Sheffield Council’s Air Quality Action Plan. Signed off in 2012,  it has failed to meet objectives set to be achieved by 2015.The stated aim was “to reduce pollution in Sheffield in order to achieve health-based national air quality objective and EU limit values by 2015.”

The campaign will involve Sheffield residents in a survey to get their views on air pollution and related issues and a petition for urgent council action to alleviate air pollution.

Sheffield Central candidate Natalie Bennett comments:

“We are two years on from the expiry of the 2012 strategy. Not only has it clearly failed, but we have no new plan. There is no sign of the big citywide actions needed to address the dangerous hot spots exposing communities around major roads, the city centre and the M1 to pollution above legal limits.

“We have to look urgently at the dangers of diesel cars and dirty buses and taxis that make the city centre a no go area for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Leeds, Nottingham and Derby will become government funded Clean Air Zones by 2020 – Sheffield needs to be lobbying hard to be added to this list.”

We can’t ignore the health of vulnerable people living close to the M1 in Tinsley when approving developments we know will greatly increase pollution, adding to the numerous health issues in those communities.”

“Sheffield Council can’t wait for a government described as having “a shameful lack of ambition when it comes to environmental protection” to act. We are saying to the council on behalf of Sheffield people: Hurry up. Make this an urgent priority. For our health and the health of our children, Let Sheffield Breathe!”


The Sheffield Green Party Air Pollution Campaign page is at

The council Air Quality Action Plan with objectives to be achieved by 2015 is at

Sheffield was not among the 5 cities chosen to be Clean Air Zones by 2020

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