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Greens support anti-fracking protests

Congratulations to Sarah Vause and Sarah Marsh, two local residents in Mosborough and Eckington, who organised the large anti-fracking march on February 25th (Eckington anti-fracking march organisers hail event a success).

They enabled their two communities to express strong feelings against proposed fracking, with awareness of the certain environmental impacts. They include mass lorry movements on already dangerous roads and huge water use. Plus the risks of spills and water pollution due to the lack of proper regulation in this industry.

The placards and chants also showed an understanding that we need to be investing in renewable energy and energy conservation. Most of the rest of the world is doing this, for both economic and environmental reasons. It is the future while fossil fuels, like coal, oil and gas, are the past.

On the same day I joined a national demonstration at Preston New Road, Lancashire, showed the strong continuing opposition to shale gas drilling there. Fracking was imposed on the county by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, overruling local council decision making.

Once again the Tories in Westminster are not listening to the will of the people, or taking notice of the evidence of the impact of their policies.

Natalie Bennett
Green Party Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Central

This letter was sent to the Sheffield Star in response to the article Eckington anti-fracking march organisers hail event a success.

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