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Student Greens Celebrate Council Victory

Last week the University of Sheffield Young Greens claimed a significant victory as the Sheffield Students’ Union Council voted to pass their proposed motion on bursaries for students from low-income backgrounds.

The motion, which was tabled by Logan Robin, outgoing Chair of the University of Sheffield Young Greens and Green Party parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Hallam, proposed to raise bursaries (paid to students to assist with living costs) for the least well-off students by nearly £2000.

There was overwhelming support for the motion from across the Council.

Logan said: “I am pleased that so many Students’ Union Councillors chose to support this motion. This decision will step up the pressure on the University of Sheffield to do the right thing. Implementing this policy would provide much needed financial assistance to the least well-off students at our University.

“Given that this year saw the first cohort of students attending University who are no longer entitled to the government’s maintenance grant, and that the University itself is now making a profit year on year, Young Greens believe that the University of Sheffield should be investing in its students instead of real-estate.

“The Green Party has always been committed to the principle that education is a public good, and we are pleased that after months of campaigning we have taken a big step towards helping those from less well off backgrounds through University here in Sheffield.”

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