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Green Party Deputy Leader Meeting Tree Campaigners

Amelia Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader, is visiting Sheffield on Saturday 20th May to meet with Tree Campaigners in Nether Edge.

Amelia will be joined by Sheffield Central Parliamentary candidate Natalie Bennett. The meeting is a chance for Sheffield residents to discuss their concerns with the Council’s approach to the management of street trees with the party’s prospective Green Party MP.

Both Amelia and Natalie will be making speeches, with Natalie expected to say,

“Labour’s management of Sheffield’s trees has been a disaster. Thousands of healthy street trees, which improve human health and well being and reduce air pollution, have been lost.

“This is also an issue of local democracy. The Council has shown nothing but contempt for the views of residents, and been part of the use of repressive anti-trade union legislation against peaceful protesters.

“Many residents of Sheffield were clear that they did not want these trees felled. The council has ignored, derided and called the police out against them, instead of listening to their views and concerns.”

The meeting will take place at Lantern Theatre on Kenwood Park Road at 10am.

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