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Sheffield Green Party sends condolences to victims of Manchester attacks

Sheffield Green Party’s election candidates and members have sent their condolences to the victims of the horrific attack in Manchester last night, and thanks to all of the emergency staff and volunteers who helped them.

Natalie Bennett said:

“I send my heartfelt condolences to the families of those who no longer have their futures in front of them and to those whose injured and affected by the attack.  The attack in Manchester was a horrific form of violence that will affect a great many people for many years to come.

“The people of Manchester last night showed great solidarity and compassion. That’s something I’m sure we will see a great deal more of in the coming days and weeks.

“No doubt, there will be much speculation on the events.  However, it is vital that we focus on supporting everyone caught up in this tragedy, including the emergency services and medical staff helping the victims, in the coming days.

“I will be suspending my election campaign for today. I would expect others will do likewise and hope that politicians and commentators do not speculate about the events but wait for the police investigation to provide understanding.”

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