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Natalie Bennett speaks after the declaration

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There are 2 Responses to Natalie Bennett speaks after the declaration

9th June 2017

Thank you Natalie. Brilliant local campaign. Squeezed by the Corbyn effect which was very difficult to counter on the doorstep.
I look forward to helping get Rob Unwin elected as our fifth Green on the Council.

9th June 2017

Well done for a positive campaign. I fear the Greens are victims of bad luck and a political system biased towards the 2 main parties in terms of both the media coverage and funding. On a local level full council debates devoted entirely to motions raised by opposition parties need to be held at least once a month with all cllrs of all parties required to attend. All scrutiny panel members should be opposition cllrs and all council meetings should be webcast. On a local and national level union members should be pushing for local branches to only support cllrs who will oppose outsourcing / privatisation etc. It is wrong that Labour cllrs in Sheffield who continually vote to outsource / privatise services are helped by trade unions who finance and canvass for them yet the unions as far as I am aware give no support to cllrs like the Greens who make genuine attempts to oppose such outsourcing and vpote against it consistently.