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20mph speed limit will save lives

Dear Editor,

Mike Lawton’s letter (Star, 29st July – suggests that motorists should drive faster in the city centre. His argument is that driving at slower speeds uses more fuel so driving faster is better for everyone’s health.

The argument is wrong because cars only run most efficiently at steady speeds.  In town, drivers can’t maintain those higher speeds because they have to slow down or stop a lot.

Driving in the city centre at 20mph or less means less accelerating and braking. This will save fuel, improve air pollution and – most significantly – save lives through safer roads.  As the 20’s Plenty campaign points out, statistics show you are seven times less likely to die if hit at 20mph than at 30mph.

We still need far more friendly streets for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users but a city centre 20mph zone is a step in the right direction.

Douglas Johnson,
Sheffield Green Party
Councillor for City Ward

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