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Sheffield Greens propose democratically backed Yorkshire-wide deal

Sheffield Greens have submitted a motion to Council calling on the administration to pursue a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal, to be ratified by referendum across the whole county.

This is in light of the failure of local councils to agree to the Sheffield City Region deal.

17 of the 20 councils within Yorkshire have expressed a willingness to construct and support a county-wide, ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution package. [1]

Cllr Rob Murphy, who proposed the motion, commented

“Given that Labour Council leaders across the City Region have been unable to work together, the failure of the devolution deal was inevitable. The unlawful consultation and refusal to listen to the views of the public have added to the national embarrassment caused by this expensive fiasco.

“It is time for Sheffield’s leaders to swallow their pride. We should be working together with the vast majority of Council’s across Yorkshire, for the best for everyone here. 17 of the 20 councils in our county have expressed a willingness to work on a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal, which we think would be in the best interest of the city, our region, and the county.

“We are calling on the Council to stop following the Government’s agenda, and with the support of the public start dragging real power and finance away from London.

“Sheffield Greens insist that no deal comes into force without the say of the people. We call for any deal reached between the councils is ratified by a county-wide referendum.”

Notice of motion by Cllr Rob Murphy, seconded by Cllr Magid Magid

a) Notes the results of the 2012 referendum where Sheffield people voted overwhelmingly against an elected mayor for Sheffield

b) Notes the decision of the Special Council meeting of Friday 18th March 2016, supported by the Administration and the main opposition group, to endorse the proposed Sheffield City Region Devolution Agreement and delegating the Chief Executive to conclude the agreement.

c) Notes that despite admitting that ‘the City Region consultation was also imperfect’ the proposal was voted through.

d) Notes that after judicial review the High Court found the Sheffield City Region consultation on whether to include the Chesterfield area was unlawful.

e) Notes the failure of the Sheffield City Region devolution deal after the withdrawal of all but two members of the City Region and believes that this failure has been caused by poor leadership across the region.

f) Believes this council should stop following this government’s agenda on devolution and listen instead to the views of the people of Sheffield.

g) Believes Sheffield should join the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ 17 of the 20 Yorkshire Councils and pursue closer links and devolution for Yorkshire.

h) That a final decision on devolution for Yorkshire should not be made without a Yorkshire-wide referendum.

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