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Green Party Peer Jenny Jones to support tree campaigners

Green Party Peer Jenny Jones is set to visit Sheffield on Friday 27th October in support of Green Councillor Alison Teal and local residents Calvin Payne and Siobhan O’Malley, who Sheffield council want to send to prison for their part in the peaceful protest by tree campaigners.

The Labour Council accuses Cllr Teal and her fellow defendants of protesting inside safety barriers, and is seeking prison sentences. Cllr Teal vehemently denies the allegations, insisting that she has she complied fully with the terms of the court order.

Alison has been receiving messages of support from people up and down the country, including many politicians, campaigners, and journalists.

The nature of the case, in which a Council is seeking to jail one of its own Councillors over a political issue, is unprecedented.

Baroness Jones, who has worked and campaigned on civil liberties for many years, will join supporters and tree campaigners outside Sheffield Combined Courts on Friday from 9:45am.

Baroness Jones commented,

“I urge Labour’s logging council to wake up to the destruction they are causing to Sheffield’s green heritage and end their unjustified legal action against Alison Teal and her fellow activists.

“Alison is  an inspiration, committed to saving the trees and the Sheffield that she loves. This council’s attempt to bring down hundreds of trees in their city has no democratic, ecological, or popular basis for support – and they know it. Even in their own, much maligned and discredited survey, less than 10% of households responded indicating that they supported the Council’s disastrous tree felling plans. There is no mandate for what they are doing.

“I will be coming to Sheffield especially on Friday to support Alison and to make it clear that Alison is not only on the front line of a fight for her city but for democracy and accountability nationwide.”

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