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People need better public transport, cycling and walking options so they can leave their cars at home

Mick N asks (Star Letters December 12) how a Green economy would work in a car free world. The Green Party is not calling for a car free world but we want to rapidly reduce the choking transport pollution that contributes to 7 million premature deaths a year across the globe.

“Polluter pays” is the principle behind Green Party policies, using taxes to ensure the cost of different types of transport reflect their social and environmental impacts. Currently the NHS is at breaking point picking up a massive bill for pollution-related health issues.

We hope that a rapid transition to electric or hydrogen powered cars will make a big difference although they are are not pollution free. We would like to have seen the Chancellor increasing incentives to help people take diesel vehicles off the roads in the recent budget.

Overall, people urgently need better public transport and safer cycling and walking options so they can choose to leave their cars at home. This would reduce congestion for all road users while improving dangerous air pollution and road safety. I note the absence of cycle routes in the Fitzalan Square scheme despite strong representations from Cycle Sheffield. Close to the rail and bus stations, this will do nothing for joining up cross-town cycle routes.

Martin Phipps
Sheffield Green Party

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31st December 2017

I have fairly recently moved to Sheffield and naively expected to be able to cycle everywhere as I did in the previous place I lived. I’m afraid to say that I find it so terrifying that I’ve given up. The state of the roads, aggressive driving are the main reasons
Also…the roads that have been ‘improved’ by Amey are lethal in icy weather,as are the footpaths. Cheap materials,maximum profit?. Obviously,the ongoing folly of taking down trees doesn’t help for pleasant cycling either.