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Broomhill needs a plan for traffic and parking

We know there is huge support for a publicly funded, free at the point of use, NHS. The suggested free use of hospital car parks in response to the £3 million Sheffield Teaching Hospitals parking revenue issue is less straightforward. Practical issues on the ground do need to be considered.

The continued expansion of the hospitals, the University of Sheffield and private schools has left the Broomhill area at breaking point.

Regular traffic jams mean dangerous air pollution from Western Bank to Manchester Rd and close to other main roads.

Hospital visitors comb residential roads for parking spaces while many staff use free spaces some distance away in Tapton, Sharrow Vale or Crookesmoor.

This situation would get a whole lot worse if everyone tried to access free hospital parking. I presume the nightmare experiences people have accessing the Northern General would worsen as well.

Community group BBEST are creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Broomhill area but they need help and co-operation from the big stakeholders.

Can investment be made to offer viable public transport options and safe cycle lanes to access current sites, including subsidised travel for staff?

Are there outpatient services that can efficiently be moved away from the Hallamshire site and still be accessible for patients and staff?

Can the universities, hospitals and the council agree suitable sites where expansion can take place elsewhere in the city and build that into the new Sheffield Plan?

An overall agreed plan for the area is desperately needed and it will need to consider real people with families going about their daily lives.

Unlike the current proposals to move the Minor Injuries Unit and Walk In Centre from easy to access central locations – proposals that only work for accountants looking at spreadsheets.

Kaltum Rivers
Broomhill & Sharrow Vale ward Green Party

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