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What do you want your local Councillors to fight for?

    5th February, 2011

    Graham Wroe with Caroline Lucas MP, leader of the Green Party

Shhhh! Save our Libraries.

    5th February, 2011

    Save our Libraries!

People speak out against the cuts Part 2

    29th January, 2011

People speak out against the cuts

    29th January, 2011

Carol Singers Protest at Station

    18th December, 2010

No more broken promises!

    16th December, 2010

    Dear Sir

    Does anyone remember the fuss about the Lib Dems littering the Peace Gardens with paper when filming a video in the Spring ? That was their now infamous “no more broken promises” election broadcast. On pieces of discarded paper were the broken political promises of the last 30 years, starting with “No student tuition fees – Labour”.

    Protesting Sheffield students clearly understand that tuition fee hikes and the abolition of EMA are part of a cuts programme that will seriously damage their future. They face grim job prospects on leaving education and are likely to join millions of unemployed struggling due to the massive benefit cuts to come.

    The Green Party says that tuition fees should be scrapped and university education funded by progressive taxation. Cuts are not inevitable – they are a clear choice for the Government.

    The Lib Dems were all over both campuses before the election. Firstly, to get students to register to vote and then making the promises that convinced students to vote for them in their thousands. Students understand they have been used and abused. In the “broken promises” video Nick Clegg said ” I believe it’s time for promises to be kept”. Students across Sheffield believe that too.
    Yours Sincerely

    Eamonn Ward

    Sheffield Green Party


    11th December, 2010

    This video is an important example of why we need to support Wikileaks. Warning- the content is shocking and should only be watched if you are over 18. But it is thanks to Wikileaks that the truth about these war crimes is emerging.

Education cuts discussion at the AGM

    11th December, 2010

    Here is some video footage of the Education Cuts discussion at the Green Party AGM, December 8th 2010

    Caroline Dowd, President Sheffield Hallam University Students Union

    Bernard Little, Co Chair Sheffield Green Party

    Bernard Little Part 2

    Panel Discussion with Laura Burley (Sheffield University Green Party Society) and Councillor Jillian Creasy on Education Cuts Part 1

    Panel discussion on Education Cuts Part 2

    Panel discussion on Education cuts Part 3

Support the Yes Campaign-Video

    17th November, 2010

    Here are some video clips of the Sheffield Green Party monthly meeting in November, where Vicky Seddon spoke to us about Unlock Democracy’s campaign for electoral reform.

    Why AV is better than first past the post.

    How does AV work?

    Arguments for voting no

    Should the other parties have AV high on their agenda?

EMT get an “ASBO”- video

    5th November, 2010

    Residents against Station Closure award EMT with an ASBO.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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