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Natalie Bennett calls on Barclays to stop supporting fracking.

    30th October, 2016

Natalie Bennett interview with Sheffield Live at Sheffield Central candidate launch

    10th October, 2016

Councillor Magid Magid speaks at the Black Lives Matter rally in Sheffield

    4th August, 2016

Save the Chelsea Road Elm Tree

    28th July, 2016


Rally for the European Union

    7th July, 2016


Greens from around the region explain why we are Greener In

    12th June, 2016

Why the Green Party is saying ‘Yes’ to Europe

    18th May, 2016

The election broadcast that the Daily Mirror called “funniest ever”.

    25th April, 2016

Councillor Rob Murphy on Talking Sheffield

    26th March, 2016


Natalie Bennett in Rotherham March 2016

    13th March, 2016