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History of Sheffield Green Party-Jenny Hales, peace campaigner

This is the first of a series of posts where I will take you back in time to look at significant events in the history of Sheffield Green Party. Jenny Hales was a massive influence in the early days of Sheffield Green Party and we can still learn a great deal from her willingness to challenge authority and literally put herself in the front line to work for peace. Here is a press cutting about her from 1992.

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14th May 2014

Thank you so much for sharing this newspaper cut. IT IS SOOOOO HER :) Mrs. Jenny Hales was like a mother to me . I lived with her in Sheffield during 1986 about a year after I arrived in England as a refugee. She looked after me like no other. How I met her was nothing short of a miracle. Her large old English house in Sheffield was a home to a couple from Chile, a student from Srilanka , a student from Vietnam, A student from Hong Kong and me . There were some that would come and go as well. She was in every way a mother Teresa . Her kitchen was a refuge to all and her door was open to every one of all nationalities and religions. There was never less than 8 people around the table. She was the embodiment of the words kindness, generosity, tolerance and service and I have NEVER met anyone like her. She taught me so much …… and I am forever grateful to her.

The turn out of events is amazing . Couple of years ago I recorded an ad in Persian for the Persian speaking community of Richmond-hill Ontario, on behalf of a friend who was a Green Party candidate. So amazing to know that she was one of the founders of green party. I have been searching for her . I have been living in USA for the past 18 years and I am planning to come back to England and want to visit her if possible. Do you have any contact information for her? I would so appreciate it .
Thank you

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    14th May 2014

    Dear Ahdieh
    I am so sorry to inform you that Jenny passed away at Lutterworth Cottage Hospital on Thursday 29th March
    2007. I attended an incredibly moving Memorial service where many people reminisced about this remarkable woman. The wonderful thing is that in many ways she lives on in the lives of the people she influenced over the years. Her powerful peace testimony and the courage she had in her convictions will always be admired by her friends here in Sheffield.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are right, visiting Jenny’s house was always like a trip to the United Nations!
    If you do want to visit Sheffield Ahdieh, you would be very welcome and I’m sure we could find you a bed!

      14th May 2014

      Thank you Graham for your kind email . While I am sad that I will not get to see her in this earthly life but I am sure that we will catch up later. I visited Sheffield couple of times and looked her up but the house was sold and could not find any neighbors. I have and will always pray for the progression of her soul and I hope that by following her ideals, many of which we shared, I will make her proud.

      I am coming to Sheffield soon and I hope and may be I can visit her grave.
      I miss her.

      Thank you