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Greens Celebrate First Green Councillor in Local Elections

For immediate release 11/06/04 Dr Jillian Creasy The Green Party is today celebrating its first councillor in Sheffield in yesterday’s local elections. Jillian Creasy was elected in Central Ward and the Green vote increased across the city, where the party stood candidates in every ward.

This shows that people are now taking the Green Party seriously”, said Dr Jillian Creasy. “We will be joining not only the councillors from other parties in Sheffield Town Hall, but also the growing number of Green Councillors across the region and the UK. We’ve gained 10 seats in total across England, two of them in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, without losing a single one. That’s a 17% increase in the number of councillors nationally last year, when we made a 29% increase on the year before. So we are growing in influence and credibility.

The Green Party in Sheffield will carry on pushing for a percentage of affordable housing in new developments, local jobs that stay in Sheffield, better public transport and less traffic and pollution”, Dr Creasy went on. “As one of Central ward’s councillors, I want to support local communities at grass roots level and work co-operatively with my Labour and LibDem colleagues in both the Ward and the Council.”

Bernard Little, Chair of Sheffield Green Party We’ll also be urging the Council to encourage credit unions, sign up to the Councils for Climate Protection Scheme, and to support the Local Sustainability Bill which aims to end ‘Ghost Town Britain’, added Bernard Little , co-chair of Sheffield Green Party. “From now on, we’ll be able to influence Council decisions from the inside.

We’d like to say a big thank-you to all those voters who made this possible. Your vote will help us make a real difference in Sheffield”


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