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Wind turbines are not a noise nuisance

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Pauline Groobey from Penistone, who lives in a quiet rural setting, and is objecting on the basis of health risk and noise to a nearby wind-farm proposal. (The Star July 15th)

In 25 years of wind generation, with 68,000 turbines across the world, there are no significant reports of health issues. Evidence produced by an independent study on public concern about noise from wind turbines, by the DTI concluded that there is no evidence of health effects from low frequency noise. (Source: Hayes McKenzie report on Noise arising from Wind Farms). The Dr Harry study on Wind Turbines, Noise and Health, which is often used by anti wind farm campaigners, is based on selected opinion rather than science.

Every wind turbine development requires a noise assessment which can be validated by an Environmental Health Officer. Wherever there has been independent noise monitoring it has been found not to be a problem. I urge
those who still have doubts to stand under the wind turbines at Thurlstone.

If we were to build at a minimum distance of 2km from a house it would restrict where we could site wind turbines to places like National Parks. Contrary to what Ms Groobey states, Denmark is in the middle of a major program of upgrading its onshore wind turbines.

We all have to cope with inconvenient low levels of background noise from neighbours, traffic, and so on. Modern wind turbines, correctly sited, produce much less sound. We are approaching a world where oil will cost a premium as supplies run out, where we need to avoid the risk of irreversible climate change, and where renewable sources such as wind are an urgent priority. But also, where we can look forward to swapping the roar of a petrol engine for the gentle whoosh of a wind turbine blade.

Yours Sincerely

Sheffield City Green Party Cllr Bernard Little.

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