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Greens campaign for cleaner air in Sheffield

2nd March, 2015

Sheffield Green Party Councillors are campaigning for cleaner air standards in Sheffield to protect public health. Sheffield is currently under … Full Story »

Ten years of Green Councillors in Sheffield

10th June, 2014

“When we first went to knock on doors, people had never heard of us”, admits Sheffield’s Green party leader Jillian … Full Story »

A Frack-Free Future: Opposing UK’s second ‘Dash for Gas’

11th September, 2012

Sheffield Greens are invited to  the Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change AGM and Public Meeting Tuesday 16 October A Frack-Free … Full Story »

Greens oppose Taptonville Demolition

29th August, 2012

Broomhill Green Party has expressed concerns about the University’s proposals to demolish certain buildings on its Taptonville site near Crookes … Full Story »

Greens question the value of Economic Growth

22nd May, 2012

“Greens question true value of economic growth – Bernard Little reviews the evidence for a new kind of economics”. The … Full Story »

Green narrowly lose out to Labour In Broomhill

4th May, 2012

Broomhill Election Result 2012 Candidate Party Votes Percentage Dunn Jayne Labour 1303 37 Little Bernard Green 1102 31 Moffatt Timothy … Full Story »

Greens push to win in Central and Broomhill

2nd May, 2012

Sheffield Green Party are hopeful of coming out on top in close battles in Central and Broomhill wards in the … Full Story »

Broomhill Election Leaflet 2012

2nd May, 2012

2012 Election Leaflet See the Broomhill page for more information or find your local candidate here.

Sign the petition to stop tax avoidance

26th October, 2011

In March, Caroline Lucas MP tabled a Tax and Financial Transparency Bill aimed at tackling corporate tax evasion and avoidance. … Full Story »

The scandal of winter fuel allowance cuts and tax avoidance

23rd September, 2011

Dear Editor, The Energy Secretary says he is going to sort out the big energy companies. But energy bills continue … Full Story »