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A better use for £500 billion…

October 14th 2008

Dear Editor,

The government has attempted to bail out our flawed financial system in
the hope that we can return to business as usual, as if nothing had
happened. It would have been better if the £500 billion of tax payers
money had been spent on creating real wealth for all. Jobs in council
housing, sustainable transport, insulation, renewable energy, recycling,
repair and growing local food, for example. What about using the skills
we have in South Yorkshire to help see us through the inevitable

We should be investing in these “green collar” jobs while using cast
iron government bonds as a secure home for pension funds and
personal savings. We could end the financial panic, generate jobs,
revitalise money flows, loosen ties to unreliable oil markets and cut
carbon emissions. This is the “Green New Deal”, proposed in July by a
team of respected environmentalists, business people and economists.
It is inspired by President Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s. It can
help to solve not just the financial crisis, but our resource and
environmental problems too.

Yours Sincerely.

Green Councillor Bernard Little.

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