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Archive for January, 2009

We need a Green New Deal to combat climate change

26th January, 2009

Dear Editor Mr Oxley argued that the planet is cooling and that “tipping points” don’t exist. This is completely contradictory … Full Story »

Greens slam Royal Mail privatisation plans

21st January, 2009

  Sheffield Green Party has called on the Labour Party to stick by its 2005 Election Manifesto and abandon plans … Full Story »

Council should not risk £6 million on Highways PFI

21st January, 2009

Council should not risk £6 million on Highways PFI Dear Editor I’m glad the Star is prepared to raise the … Full Story »

Greens hope Obama will inspire us all to action

20th January, 2009

“Today we are asking for one person, Barack Hussain Obama, to be the eyes, ears, hopes and fears of a … Full Story »

The Government is being plane stupid about climate change.

15th January, 2009

Responding to the Governments decision to go ahead with a third runaway at Heathrow Green Councillor Bernard Little said, “I … Full Story »

Palestine Solidarity Campaign appeal for Gaza

10th January, 2009

News from the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign-appeal for wheelchairs On Saturday PSC launched an urgent appeal (at the direct request … Full Story »

Palestine comment

3rd January, 2009

Councillor Bernard Little, who was at the Sheffield demonstration today in support of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said “We cannot … Full Story »

Boring Politicians

1st January, 2009

Dear Editor Jeremy Biggin probably has the sympathy of most Star readers when he says he is bored of politicians, … Full Story »