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Greens support RSPB call for more Wind Farms

The Green Party has supported the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in its call for wind farms to help protect Britain’ birds . The charity says that the danger to some birds posed by turbine blades is far outweighed by the devastating effects of climate change, which “threatens many species with extinction,” The RSPB has called for an end to the “needless delays” that beset wind farm projects, after a study said more turbines could be built without harming wildlife. Councillor Jillian Creasy said, “It’s a pity Sheffield City Council don’t share their view. The present administration did not support the feasibility study at Westwood Country Park and the Planning Board has objected to the proposal for a windfarm at Sheephouse Heights proposal”. The RSPB has also called on the government to set firm regional and local targets for developing wind energy, and give more guidance to councils on how to deal with planning applications. Much more effort must also be made to win the support of local communities, the charity said, for example, by offering cheaper energy to people in the immediate vicinity of a wind farm.

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