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Licensing committee approves CADS use of Eagle Works

10th October, 2017

Green Councillor Douglas Johnson said he was “very pleased with the success” of the licensing application by the CADS. The … Full Story »

Answers to Green Party questions

15th September, 2017

These answers were given to our questions, on the Streets Ahead contract, fire safety and recycling, at the council meeting … Full Story »

Jillian Creasy explains why she wants to be an MP

19th February, 2015

29 Amigos! Record turnout for Sheffield Canvassing

9th February, 2015

Wow another record breaking turnout at the Sheffield Central Ward Mass Canvass, 29 people turned up from as far afield … Full Story »

500 die each year but Labour waters down Air Quality motion.

3rd October, 2014

At a meeting on October 1st, Sheffield councillors passed an amended version of a Green Party motion highlighting the threat … Full Story »

Reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases

15th October, 2013

Sign our petition to reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases. We the undersigned believe the current prices for permits … Full Story »

Packed meeting calls for better consultation on Streetsahead work

10th October, 2013

The meeting at St Mary’s community centre was packed. Professor Ian Rotherham presented his well-received talk about the importance of … Full Story »

Road safety is the big plus

17th September, 2013

Brian Webster of Sheffield Green Party issued this letter to the Sheffield Star in reply to Andrew Kirbyshaw’s on 20th … Full Story »

Sea-change needed in attitude

17th September, 2013

Councillor Jillian Creasy’s letter to the Sheffield Telegraph Dear Sir, I share the Council Leader’s anger at the cuts imposed … Full Story »

Boycott Asda and Gap

19th May, 2013

Dear Sir It seems to take tragedy to wake us up. It took more than 1100 deaths in the Bangladesh … Full Story »