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Don’t throw jobs away say Greens

Cllr Jillian Creasy

The Greens say the Council could create jobs in the city by repairing, re-using and repairing goods. Their comments came as the Lib Dems launched their ‘Buy it Naked’ campaign to reduce supermarket packaging.

Coun Jillian Creasy commented, “We welcome any campaign to reduce waste, which cuts carbon emissions even more than recycling. But it is a pity that the council’s recent consultation about waste didn’t include options for reduction, re-use and repair. Hundreds of real jobs would have been more welcome than a public campaign.

“We know the reason is that the last time the Lib Dems were in power, they signed a long term contract with Veolia to incinerate our waste, despite a massive campaign to adopt a zero-waste, job-creating waste strategy. Any extra recycling or reduction projects will have to be paid for in addition to the contract, i.e. out of council tax.”

Green Councillor Bernard Little added, “Trade waste accounts for twice as much waste as household waste. There is a real risk that more of this will end up in the incinerator, so people’ efforts to recycle more will be wasted. We want better management of trade waste in the city centre and other district centres”.

Amendment to motion 8, by Bernard Little.

Replace b with:
Welcomes the council’s commitment to improve recycling opportunities for
people but is concerned that the Council’s Waste Strategy consultation that
shaped this policy was flawed because it failed to recognise the urgent need
reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place or to encourage
and repair.

Replace c) with:
Recognises that recycling, although important, has less an impact than
Reuse and Repair as a way of cutting resource use and that urgent action is
needed at a local, national and international level for Sheffield to begin
draw up the policies that will be necessary for the city to begin to develop
sustainable economy that ensures we live within the planets environmental

Add additional clause:
d) Notes that government has allowed supermarkets to use their power to
the market and high street and ignore their true social, environmental and
economic cost which are paid for through increased bills for consumers of
over-packaging and household waste is just one cost.

Renumber clause d) as
e) Notes that the recent Local Governement Association food packaging study
found excessive food packaging used by supermarkets is undermining
householders’ efforts to recycle and, through increasing the amount of
household waste, is adding to Council tax bills:

Delete remaining and add the following:
f) Notes that packaging has become necessary to protect goods while
transporting them from producer, to manufacturer, to packaging and
centre, to local supermarket, is part of an energy intensive and
food market that should have no place in a low carbon and environmentally
efficient economy.

g) Is concerned and wishes to reduce the power that supermarkets exert on
environment, local community and economy and therefore commends the work
by the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group and the report it published

h) supports the Competition Commission’s proposal to introduce a new
strengthened Grocery Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) to replace the existing
supermarket code of practice, and a GSCOP ombudsman to monitor and enforce
new code, and help resolve disputes between retailers and suppliers.

i) supports the Competition Commissions recommendation to government to
introduce a competition test into the planning system and for BERR to amend
repeal the Land Agreements Exclusion Order so that certain agreements can no
longer benefit from exclusion from the Competition Act 1998.

j) in supporting measures to resist excessive packaging and resist monopoly
power this Council is prepared to say enough is enough to the big
chains and (in signalling its intention to build a low carbon economy) will
work with local communities and campaign groups like Tescopoly to break the
power of the supermarkets, nurture a healthy and open market and ensure that
corporate social and environmental responsibility is mandatory and backed
the force of law.

k) Resolves to start a Council led ‘Buy it Naked’ campaign which will work
local supermarkets, food suppliers and retailers to reduce excess packaging
promote the re-use and recycling of packaging.

l) directs that, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Climate Change
the Local Environment and the Leader of the Council, the Chief Executive
the ‘Buy it Naked’ campaign and reports back on progress, including progress
consulting with the supermarket chains local food suppliers and retailers to
this Council.

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