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We need rapid action to minimise the risk of further flooding.

Sheffield Flood

Dear Editor
Sheffield has suffered two major flooding incidents in a matter of
days. The June 2007 floods brought a huge human and financial cost, and many homes and buildings have now had to mop up again. We need rapid action to minimise the risk of further flooding in the future. There
must be regular deep cleaning of gullies. We also need sustainable
urban drainage systems, with rain being absorbed or captured where it
falls rather than entering drains and rivers in a dangerous surge.
Plans for new buildings should not assume that they can be connected to
our already overloaded drainage system, and we must rapidly increase the
number of buildings fitted with a green roof to absorb water. More city
centre green spaces to soak up heavy rainfall are needed, coupled with a
reduction in hard surfaces. Implementing our regional strategies to
conserve wildlife habitats and species would also go a long way to
reduce the risks of flooding.

Climate change is beginning to bite and the latest Met Office study
highlights the likelihood of even more extreme weather. We have to make
serious cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, to minimise the risk of
flooding and other dangers. Act now and we can turn this mounting
crisis into an opportunity to provide secure low-carbon jobs
and prosperity. The solutions are out there ready to implement. Let’s
get started.

Yours Sincerely
Councillor Bernard Little Sheffield Green Party

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