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Greens say no to Tesco on Commonside

Sheffield Green Party has objected again to Tesco’s proposal to build a
convenience store at the junction of Commonside and Springvale Road in the
Crookesmoor area.

Like many local residents, the Greens objected to Tesco’s earlier application
in April 2009. They have written to the Government’s Planning Inspector calling for the rejection of Tesco’s application to stand.

The Greens are standing by their original objection that that the new store
would lead to increased noise and disturbance. They also say it would lead to
traffic and parking difficulties and would be bad for local shops and services,
leading to job losses.

Green Councillor Bernard Little, who lives in the area, said “Tesco’s last
application was rightly turned down last year. The circumstances haven’t
changed since then.

He went on “The area has many local and independent shops, some of them owned by local people. They would be seriously affected by this Tesco store. There’s a good local community spirit at present. We want to keep it that way.”


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