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Jillian Creasy at the rally for jobs


Jillian Creasy gave a rousing speech at the rally for jobs on Friday

She said

I am a Councillor in the Green Group on Sheffield City Council,  I am the Green Party candidate for Central constituency and I am a member of Unite.
I am really pleased to see so many people here demonstrating for decent wages and against privatisation.
If you are fed up with the the three main parties, you can vote Green. On the Council, we ARE the third party, there are no Tories in the Town Hall now.
The Green Party is the only one to be advocating more public spending to get us out of recession. We say that the ONLY way to get us out of the economic and environmental crisis is to invest the jobs that will rebuild society and make it sociallly just and environmentally sustainable.
As Councillors, we have called for a Living Wage – not just a minimum wage but a wage which allows people to live decently. We had cross party support for a report into implementing this, but we have now been told the report has been delayed until after the Pay and Grading has been implemented … surprise, surprise!
We are vehemently against privatisation in all it’s forms – contracting out of council services, PFI schemes and letting private health providers cherry pick services from our dear old NHS. I am a doctor and I have seen the damage that has caused.
So, as a Green, I congratulate everyone who has come today and urge you to continue these demonstrations.

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There are 2 Responses to Jillian Creasy at the rally for jobs

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7th March 2010

There is not enough difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Because, I live in very blue voting district, for the first time in my life I had the luxury of “voting my conscience,” instead of voting for “the lesser of two evils.” I voted for the Green Party candidate, not because I thought she would make a great president, but because I really agree with the Green Party agenda, and I wanted to send a message to the Democrats. I agree that Obama was a better choice than McCain, but only by a small margin. Both Democrats and Republicans have been ripping off the taxpayers, since way before I was born. The thing that worried me about Obama right from the beginning was his warlike and hawkish attitudes. We need to stop giving money to the military, and Obama never talked about that. I invite you to my website devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on freedom:

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7th March 2010

I am pleased the Greens are developing better relations with the Unions. The FBU have donated money to the London Greens election campaign. I hope some of the Yorkshire Unions will stop supporting the party of privatisation and invest in a party that can really make a difference.