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Lib Dem policy will cost lives

Councillors Jillian Creasy and Bernard Little

Councillors Jillian Creasy and Bernard Little

Green Party Councillors have condemned Lib Dem plans to redistribute road safety funds equally amongst the seperate Community Assemblies.

They claim accident statistics over the last 5 years show up to 20 times more injury accidents in the middle of Sheffield compared to the outskirts.
Cllr Bernard Little said ‘Common sense says there are less traffic problems in rural areas, and accident numbers show this. For example Broomhill Ward has suffered 21 deaths and serious injuries in the last 5 years compared to just 4 in Dore and Totley. Both will however receive an equal share of funds taken away from pedestrian, school and child safety pots in this years Lib Dem budget.’
Cllr Little added ‘On the streets of Sheffield the Liberal Democrats are putting political ideology ahead of peoples safety and that is very wrong.’
‘The Greens believe in the redistribution of powers to the lowest appropriate level, but this is clearly inappropriate’
Accident Data Tables are below.
Lib Dem plans are contained in the Local Transport Plan brought to cabinet
Central Ward 80
Burngreave Ward 33
Darnall Ward 28
Walkley Ward 22
Broomhill Ward 21
Manor Castle Ward 20
Birley Ward 18
Firth Park Ward 18
Shiregreen and Brightside Ward 16
Richmond Ward 15
Hillsborough Ward 15
Gleadless Valley Ward 14
Southey Ward 13
Graves Park Ward 12
Ecclesall Ward 11
Arbourthorne Ward 11
Stannington Ward 10
Mosborough Ward 9
East Ecclesfield Ward 9
Nether Edge Ward 9
Woodhouse Ward 9
Beauchief and Greenhill Ward 8
Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward 7
Crookes Ward 7
West Ecclesfield Ward 5
Beighton Ward 5
Dore and Totley Ward 4
Fulwood Ward 4
Total 433
Central Ward 346
Burngreave Ward 129
Darnall Ward 94
Broomhill Ward 78
Firth Park Ward 74
Walkley Ward 72
Manor Castle Ward 68
Hillsborough Ward 64
Arbourthorne Ward 50
Gleadless Valley Ward 49
Birley Ward 48
Graves Park Ward 47
Southey Ward 47
Shiregreen and Brightside Ward 46
Richmond Ward 45
Nether Edge Ward 43
East Ecclesfield Ward 42
Ecclesall Ward 37
Mosborough Ward 36
Beauchief and Greenhill Ward 33
Woodhouse Ward 32
Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward 29
Crookes Ward 29
Stannington Ward 25
Beighton Ward 20
West Ecclesfield Ward 18
Fulwood Ward 17
Dore and Totley Ward 15
Total 1633

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