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Clean Campaign Pledge

Rob UnwinDear Editor
The official general election campaign has finally begun. There will
be a hard fought battle in the run up to May 6th  for who runs the
country but also for Sheffield council seats. Sheffield Green Party
has made a Clean Campaign Pledge for both elections which we hope
other parties will sign up to too.  We pledge to fight a clean,
positive and honest campaign around the issues that concern Sheffield
voters. We  also pledge to tell the truth about what we and other
parties stand for and have achieved and to refrain from personal
attacks. The full pledge  can be viewed on our website

Public regard for politicians has never been lower, and it is crucial
that we help regain the public’s trust in politics. A lot is at stake
but only honest and responsible campaigning by political parties up
to May 6th can start to repair recent damage. It is what voters want
and deserve and I and all the Sheffield Green Party candidates are
signed up to it.

Yours sincerely

Rob Unwin
Green Party Council Candidate for Sheffield Central Ward

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