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Vote Green for grants not loans

Steve Barnard

Student voters, many voting for the first time, could play an important role
in this election. Sheffield Central and Hallam in particular have a large
number of students the city’s two universities. Yet many have not decided on
who to vote for.

Both Labour and the Tories promise more places but no firm commitment on how to fund them. They are both waiting for a review of Higher Education. The
Liberal Democrats initially promised to abolish tuition fees but then back
tracked on this and now will not do it in the life of the next Parliament.

Only the Greens support proper funding for higher education and oppose the
current programme of academic cuts which poses a serious threat to the
future of our universities and academics. We would seek to abolish tuition
fees – and student loans – and advocate a return to student grants, which we
believe would make for a fairer higher education system for all. We would
pay for this by lowering the limit of the top rate tax band to £100,000 and
abolish the ceiling for NI contribution.


Steve Barnard

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Sheffield Hallam

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