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Voters denied their democratic right

Steve Barnard

The scenes on election day in Ranmoor were a disgrace. It is hard to believe that in modern Britain that people were segregated and some given preference over others to vote. Many of those who could not get in the polling station were experiencing their first election no wonder they feel so let down.

It should had never happened. The Council basically admitted that they are unable to cope with most of the population voting, which is our democratic right. They had no back up plan for a large turnout. It was obvious early in the day that the turnout across Sheffield, in particular Hallam and Central, was high. There should have been a contingency. But there was no plan B and so many were let down by an inadequate and anti-democratic response from Sheffield Council.

It was interesting to hear Nick Clegg criticise the way that the election was run. He is the national leader of the Liberal Democrats, his party were in control of Sheffield City Council when the crucial decisions were made in the planning of this election. The Liberal Democrats campaign in the city and the publicity Mr Clegg received due to the TV leaders debates ensured a large turnout something they knew the city’s election office was badly prepared for.

Steve Barnard

Green Party former candidate Sheffield Hallam

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