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Election newsletter

Our election newsletter is below I hope some of you will contact me to offer to deliver some election leaflets or just to request a poster to put up. Or e-mail round a link to our election broadcast.

The deadline for registering to vote and postal votes has passed but a proxy vote can still be applied for if, for example, you are on holiday on May 5th. The deadline for receipt is Thursday April 21st 5pm – forms can be downloaded at Please ring me if you need any help or advice – we relly need your votes particularly in Central and Broomhill.
Please note commentators are predicting that Labour will gain 6 to 8 seats from the Lib Dems to comfortably give them control of the council. We have spoken to a lot of people on doorsteps saying “I’m not voting Lib Dem or Tory” for obvious reasons. We are defending our seat in Central and looking to gain from the Lib Dems in Broomhill. So you can vote Green across the city confident that it will not affect who runs the council and that you are helping to protect our group status. The current make up of the council is :
Lib Dem 41
Labour 40
Green 2
Independent 1





Thanks for your support. Don’t forget to vote !
Eamonn Ward

The party election broadcast, entitled “No Joke”, can be found here: or on our website. From the press office : “Please share with local party members/local email lists, and do the twitter/Facebook thing too, but as well, please share this with 20-30 people who you think may be tempted to vote Green but aren’t currently doing so … this needs to spread outside of our usual supporters, people passing it to each other on email etc.” I hope you will help us “pass it on”.
Lots of media interest in Sheffield due to Nick Clegg. Jillian Creasy was on Today on Radio 4 on Saturday and was meeting a Financial Times journalist yesterday. This Politics Show feature talked up our regional chances as well – we have more candidates in the region (169) than all the other smaller parties put together. We also got nice but very different coverage here The Radio Sheffield election phone in will be on Toby Foster on 28 April at sometime between 7 and 10pm, probably 9pm. Due to BBC election coverage allocation decisions we are not in the studio but Cllr Rob Murphy will be contributing on the phone. Questions on the cuts and the council budget would be very welcome.
Please help us by responding to and circulating the event invitation at – “I’m voting green on May 5th”
Thanks to everyone who came to the launch photo – pictures and video are at
If you are in the Cemetery Road/London Road area look to the top of the tower block nearest Cemetery Road on that side side where there is a big Green party sign.  Picture at Thanks Tony !

Please forward items for inclusion and any comments, questions or feedback on this newsletter to : Eamonn Ward

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Please keep us informed about any changes of e-mail, address or phone number.

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