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Greens hold Central Ward

Sheffield Greens are celebrating having held on to Central Ward and increased our share of the vote throughout the city.

The Central Result was

Mohammed Akbar
The Labour Party Candidate
Votes: 2337
Jillian Creasy
Green Party
Votes: 2530
Iltaf Hussain
Liberal Democrat
Votes: 631
Emma Waters
The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 403

The full results are now on the Council website,and in a more readable form on wikipedia, but highlights include our percentage share of the vote went up from 8.8% to 11.2%, and 18,322 people voted for us. We came second in Arbourthorne (19%) and Manor Castle (11%) . Bernard Little got 26% in Broomhill (and very nearly second). We got 15% in Crookes, 14% in Ecclesall,  14% in Fulwood,  15% in Nether Edge, 11% in Walkley, 11% in Richmond and 10% in Shiregreen. We beat the Lib Dems in Burngreave, Firth Park, Manor Castle, Richmond and Shiregreen and Brightside.

Many thanks to everyone who helped our campaign in any way. These are terrific results which we will continue to build on.

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There are 3 Responses to Greens hold Central Ward

6th May 2011

I’d like to start by sayign a HUGE HUGE HUGE congratulations (and relief!) to Jillian for holding onto her seat, a huge testament to her work in Central, and feel immensously encouraged by these increasing results citywide. Let’s hope the Greens can keep them growing. Well done to all those who worked hard to campaign and achieve these results.

6th May 2011

Congratulations ! Keep up the good work.

6th May 2011

F***ing WELL DONE….Jillian Creasy woman, Eamonn and the whole damn lot of you
hard working – good hearted greenies!!

Congratulations, love and so very many, GOOD green days.

Heres to grass roots, sustainable, permanent futures, yeah.

Smiley Steve….formerly Goodgreen.x.